This Is Hip Hop

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9:47 AM October 7, 2010 bluukollADreams said:

pap pap oose
11:38 AM October 16, 2008 skenai said:

shyt didin start n ny it started in africa yall funny lookin niggaz read up on it
12:27 AM August 26, 2008 young_khi said:

buddens talkin real **** so niggas need to just listen cuz all that **** tru cuz when the ROC broke up **** got wack but sum niggas rap bout dumb **** no matter what part it came from
4:52 PM August 21, 2008 MastaDamu115 said:

ay **** Ny yall niggaz ain bout it yall niggaz mad kuz we takin yall money and ****in yall hoes we go hard and if u kum down here wit dat i hate da souf **** niggaz got dem choppaz on deck 4 ya
5:55 PM August 16, 2008 aaammm said:

deez northern *****z got the game ****d up thinkin they got swagg yall skeezers can hate how u want, but like bun b said yall aint hatein on the rap, yall just hatein on the $
4:13 PM August 16, 2008 GlenwoodNi66a said:

fuk NY 6itch yall aint doin shyt wayne killin ya ni66az then T.I. cumin out he gon kill ya ni66az nd then jeezy he gon kill ya ni66az so stp tlkin lik u dnt 6e listen 2 dis ni66az
8:33 PM August 13, 2008 Kanye88 said:

All da songs on here fire but track 4 and 13 are ****n hott
4:15 AM August 13, 2008 toxic_emage said:

**** outta hear NY NY nigga **** da south it ny ware it all started