B.o.B - New Black

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9:29 AM July 4, 2016 clekiller20 via Mobile:

He talking about some real **** 👌
3:36 AM March 7, 2016 yungworldz said:

People hating on B.O.B for waking up to all of the bull****.
12:33 PM March 6, 2015 youngcassidy11 via Mobile:

B.o.B speaking some real ****! Y'all better wake tf up! I'm a hood nigga but not stupid. Better wake up, y'all sleep
6:11 AM February 17, 2015 20CoolbreezT via Mobile:

I like the message he is talking about what's going on in the world good message mixtape
3:36 AM February 17, 2015 NubianChikk said:

I appreciate the message he's trying to deliver. Conscious brother keep it up!!
10:21 PM February 16, 2015 DomChizz said:

Thank you.
4:14 AM February 11, 2015 eclipsed via Mobile:

But Lost Generation came out 5 years ago or more? Are all of these old songs? What is this? Im confruzed.
12:48 AM February 11, 2015 Steven9028 via Mobile:

BoB lame