Featuring Kevin Gates

All of Kevin Gates best features in one place at one time! Hosted by the leader of the new school DJ Ya Boy Earl.

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8:22 AM December 9, 2014 barrion5 said:

Judge ur face in ur feet lollol
1:15 AM December 7, 2014 slimbaby187 via Mobile:

To each his own ,judge not less ye be judged
5:44 AM December 6, 2014 barrion5 said:

Gates is ****ing gay. N he's trying to hide it. Lol
3:06 PM December 4, 2014 lawrencecurtis said:

how can you get the *****
11:59 AM December 4, 2014 drahfy said:

where is MistaF.A.B. feat. Kevin Gates? 'News' on tha DOPE ERA mixxtape??
10:38 PM December 3, 2014 blos456 via Mobile:

Luca brasi 2 dec 15th!!!!
5:21 PM December 3, 2014 LOWSA via Mobile:

Young thug a fag so is lil b ,burrr
2:36 PM December 3, 2014 memphis8259 said:

This ain't a official tape but Gates go hard Bwa stand up