Webbie - Money Good

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10:24 PM September 26, 2018 dontae65 via Mobile:

Rite he fell off bad ain't nun like 09
2:43 PM November 20, 2017 zellie2311 said:

Savage life
1:34 AM December 22, 2015 Killwaukee via iOS App:

Dese Baton Rouge niggas go off!
9:13 PM April 19, 2015 Jack435 said:

All Im going to say Is Trill 4 Life! Another Hit
8:23 PM January 1, 2015 T_eastside300 via Mobile:

9 10 11
10:35 AM December 30, 2014 mayo515 said:

Webbie going 2 hard on dem pills and dat speech he gave at Lil Phat funeral was just disrespectful. I hope dis man gets his self 2gether becuz he aint giving us that quality music like he used 2
10:33 AM December 30, 2014 mayo515 said:

I'm a die hard Webbie fan, but I can't rock with this here. Dis man has fell off. There was a time when Webbie was hands down better than Boosie. Those days are gone.
7:11 PM December 27, 2014 sirda3rd said:

it was for the broads