Cobra Krames - No Patience

In the classic words of Jay-Z's 'Big Pimpin' 'I got no patience. And I hate waitin, ho get your ass in and let's ride." At Gold Whistle those lyrics ring true, living in New York City you've just gotta ride & that's what Cobra Krames is doing, delivering 4 tracks that'll have you on the edge of the dancefloor ready to jump into an undiscovered rave cave. He also teamed up with the mysterious Kansas born Brooklyn based artist/illustrator from the Team Bear Club Collective for a personal Rambo interpretation of killing the dancefloor. 'No Patience' is a buffet of bass taking on the tastes of Krames' musical palette. The lead single 'No Patience' is a massive trap tune featuring Vyle with rapid fire, cyber induced, pedal to the floor lyrics followed by huge 808 bass and hells bells calling for a festival. TT The Artist says 'Shake Dem' is a party starter and it's exactly what the club ordered with a bmore beat and big room lead, followed by miami booty bass and TT chanting 'Don't Stop Shake Dem Titties!' Thot Boi takes you into the mind of Sugur Shane with his blending of house and hip-hop lyric over a jersey ballroom vogue beat taylor made for Philadelphia's finest. 'Rotterdabs' rounds off the EP with a gabber-trap infused hard-style banger. Krames even lends his vocal for a quick dab-rap that'll have you screaming "smoking on dem' rotterdabs i'm about to black out."

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  • 01. 

    Cobra Krames - No Patience (Feat. Vyle) (2:49 )

  • 02. 

    Cobra Krames - Shake Dem (Feat. TT The Artist) (3:16 )

  • 03. 

    Cobra Krames - Thot Boi (Feat. Sugur Shane) (3:01 )

  • 04. 

    Cobra Krames - Rotterdabs (3:04 )

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12:20 PM December 9, 2014 tillamonsta said:

Lets go!!