Rick Ross - This Is The Life (The Life And Times Of R. Ross)

DJs: Unknown
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8:45 AM July 29, 2011 ceeasia996 said:

regardless to what ross is the best, much swagga and a flow out of this world
2:13 PM February 21, 2009 remixeverything said:

officer rickey
1:32 PM December 23, 2008 LeprechaunMan said:

Big ups 2 Rick Ross regardless of previous carreer he still doin it big
5:08 PM September 26, 2008 ala216 said:

cop no boss
11:01 AM August 26, 2008 brezz said:

fuk that all these nizzs are fake its all hollywood--i rep Upstate SC-- all them fake numbers they be putting out! I LUV THAT SOUTH SHIII
8:33 PM August 22, 2008 moho3smohat3rs254 said:

i jam sum ross but he aint speakin on the real about bein co and ****
7:50 PM August 22, 2008 ourfalcons07 said:

the mixtape goes hard tho...
12:58 PM August 22, 2008 weezy187 said:

tru tru big hawk334 i hear wut ur sayi still but can't lie he is still greezy but wut said is tru to the fullest still