Juliano - I See Thru The Eyes Of The Stove

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6:41 PM January 23, 2015 hiphoppete said:

new motivation.
3:11 AM January 18, 2015 memrkrazy1 via Mobile:

**** banging extra hard stand up EASTSIDE ZONE6 ATL GA
10:20 PM December 11, 2014 HipHopWillie said:

I guess you have to be cut from that cloth to under stand what the cover meant. I saw it and I knew but I didn't expect this guy to go so hard. Vote this tape up.
5:11 PM December 11, 2014 Lovelyshan25 said:

I haven't heard music this real since Trap Music and Trap or Die!! Who is this guy? I went to his ig I just want to put a face with this real music. whoever you are i love your music.