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Lil Wayne And Friends 5

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Uploaded 08/22/2008
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6:05 PM August 6, 2012 TTGVoDkA said:

my ****kk is huge !
10:58 PM July 9, 2011 pitchblac said:

aight come on how came you say nas is whack obviously you dont know what takes to be an mc if you say that but weezy is amazing beats nas for sure
7:51 PM January 29, 2009 bLakCie said:

oman yooo NaS is straight up G i dont give a fukC about wat yall say but yea wayne is still gewd but shyt ni66a NaS oman i been listenin 2 him since like last year i listened 2 every ablum
1:54 AM December 30, 2008 romagic101 said:

Let It Rock Rocks YA DIGG
7:17 PM December 3, 2008 Aja2jr said:

i agree...nas is the nigga... you can argue with it but **** you, he still da **** and been the **** since my *** was in diapers!
1:09 PM October 14, 2008 flash_heydman_4 said:

are you stupid..nas is wack, wayne is the best rapper alive and err1 knows it
7:37 PM October 11, 2008 FineRuga said:

nas??????? nigga shut up
1:52 AM October 4, 2008 BabyKoby24 said:

Wayne the hottest hip hop artist so far except for nas