Kirko Bangz - Progression V

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1:58 AM April 11, 2019 M4RL3Y_H3NDRIX via iOS App:

Slept on 🤦🏽‍♂️
12:48 PM December 28, 2016 74dunngotti via Mobile:

Fire keepin been humble Kirko bangz 1000
8:39 AM February 24, 2015 sirwatson365 via Mobile:

I wish u would make a separate screw tape I would've liked to hear at the the kappa without the screw affect
2:13 AM February 3, 2015 Woah_There said:

Yo, give this mixtape the rating it deserves. This to me is his best work and this sh*t is wavy af. go back and listen to some of the drums on this thing. very introspective tape as well
6:26 AM January 30, 2015 pizzaprincess via Mobile:

Trill Young Nigga 2 my ****
5:39 PM January 18, 2015 Tonylcash89 said:

smoke couple blunts then say it sucks
6:42 PM January 16, 2015 linksdjtkow said:

Kirko Bangz Progression Is Phenomenal...From PVAMU To Now With No Stopping...I Salute Ya G, Keep It Up...You And LMG!!! #BLICKET
2:05 PM January 8, 2015 kspade08 said:

Let down