Chuckie & ChildsPlay - Traphall EP

Continuing the expansion of Dirty Dutch Music, Chuckie finds his stride with this latest effort, Traphall. A brand new 4 Track EP, this collaboration with ChildsPlay features a bombastic hybrid of trap and classic Dancehall tunes unlike any before it. Traphall is a testament to Chuckie's vision for Dirty Dutch Music. This incomparable leadership is taking the label into all spectrums of dance music, leaving no stone unturned. Precursing singles, 'Vamonos' and 'Bang', saw the king of Dirty Dutch leave his one-of-a-kind mark within Melbourne Bounce. Chuckie's highly anticipated follow up came in a larger than life remix of Deadmau5's seminal 'Ghosts N Stuff'. Successfully reworking a groundbreaking classic of such notoriety cannot be understated, as it breathed new life for modern audiences without ever losing the allure of its source material. Traphall is Chuckie's next step into the dance music stratosphere, unleashing an inimitable fusion between styles of vastly different musical backgrounds from the past and the present. Starting the EP off on a perfect foot, Chuckie & ChildsPlay make sure listeners know that it is all about the mula by making it rain with 'Money'. This track sets the mood with charging bass drum kicks and unexpected synth patterns, literally breaking any preconceived genre boundaries with every passing second. The manic, tribal progression never once lets up, maintaining a peak energy level throughout its entirety. Chuckie and ChildsPlay embark on this audible journey with bass shattering, epic proportions, tantalizing listeners with what is to come. Calming the senses with an eerie, yet infectious vibe is Traphall's next offering, 'Sensimillia'. Harnessing a smooth, driving riddim that is fueled by powerful vocal loops, Chuckie and ChildsPlay seamlessly infuse reggae with unparalleled results. The gradual buildup mesmerizes before eventually reaching a climax that never feels out of place. Chuckie's patented Dirty Dutch sound is instantly recognizable, receiving a Dancehall spin that meshes together flawlessly. The second drop is a downtempo variation that introduces elements typically associated with trap. A suitable follow up, Traphall's sophomore production hits listeners with an unrivaled attack of reggaeton. Embodying the true feeling of Traphall, 'Insane', is led by wickedly powerful vocals, iconic island piano key strokes and intense dance trap breakdowns. This smorgasbord of vastly diverse stylings highlights the underlying challenge of making Traphall a working reality. Chuckie and ChildsPlay both emanate a clear mastery of these genres, which is already an impressive accolade in itself. Implementing each one in a distinct fashion, while still being able to create an all encompassing final product is nothing short of groundbreaking. A breathtaking reggae anthem one moment and a staccato like trap breakdown the next, 'Insane' brings something truly new to the table within a saturated landscape of dance music. 'Wicked' is influenced by the timeless, 'She is Not My Kind', by Gregory Isaacs. A proper conclusion to the EP, this production reinstates the true spirit of Dancehall for a brand new generation of fans. Rocking out with some serious heart-pounding 808 kicks, while evoking the unparalleled charisma of Dirty Dutch, 'Wicked' is a tribute to everything that has helped shape Chuckie and ChildsPlay during their illustrious musical careers. Traphall closes out this musical expedition with a track that perfectly evokes the respect, love, knowledge and skill necessary for such a project. An ode to past heroes and new influences alike, this unabashed love letter showcases a bright future in dance music that will never forget its roots.

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