Freddy Flintstone - Rovers And Retros

The life and times of Poloneius Plucks alter ego #FreddyFlintstoneBeats one of the dopiest upcoming rapper/singer/songwriter/producers from the south. Pluck takes a set to all allow Freddy to shine both on the mic and as a producers with an album full of club bangs and braggadocio lyrics. No gimmicks all real life experiences welcome to the world of #FreddyFlintstone

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12:11 PM December 24, 2014 ppluck13 said:

Im from the suburbs of Jacksonville Fl (Duval) by day I'm an Electrical Engineer. I can only make music about things i own and have done in my life if thats lame I'm cool with that.
11:11 AM December 23, 2014 ppluck13 said:

Thanks for the feedback @mikegee527
10:04 PM December 22, 2014 mikegee527 said: