Billard - Love Day EP

LOVE DAY is a 4 track EP executive produced by K.E. On The Track. Made this for the fans and teamed up with one of the hottest producers in the game while I continue to promote I Am Billard.

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8:52 AM January 6, 2015 kingdavebeats said:

Everything from this guy is dope
2:23 AM December 27, 2014 cameron510 said:

just realized he reminds me of travis scott
2:20 AM December 27, 2014 cameron510 said:

at least there is talent there to build off. hooks are on point for his genre & prod from him and other collabs he'll het popular like k camp.....within 2 years
2:51 PM December 26, 2014 IDIDTHEBEATs2 said:

IAMBILLARD way colder, this **** garbage I agree with the other guys, you can tell he got a different sound and it wasn't the same as it was with the other guys, I'm not hating just stating #FACTS
12:23 PM December 26, 2014 trojanarmy said:

lol at these haters below KE has hits for days. not going to say either project better than the other theyre different. some small town minded **** going on this page
6:01 PM December 25, 2014 Illrootbloggerchitown said:

I agree with MIADJ he had better chemistry with the first dude he worked with clockwork, they had that sound together!! This **** horrible he needs to find another direction I like 1 song on here
5:54 PM December 25, 2014 MIADJ305 said:

I am sorry Billard I am a fan but this ain't the first Billard I hear d and if it continues you will lose fans just my judgement get back with your initial team and grind it out
5:53 PM December 25, 2014 MIADJ305 said:

dude need to get bak wit clockwork or whoever did his mixing and music cuz IAMBILLARD TO THIS??? This whack it's like night and day you can tell KE don't care! And whoever mixing this is horrible.