Lil Trill - Zero Tolerance


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10:18 PM June 4, 2015 chrispenn44 via Mobile:

Trill sent...been riding since divided we stand united we ball
6:54 PM May 4, 2015 citiboy1 via Mobile:

Its not a album cuz he wit trill ent not a major label.. mixtape go in tho
9:48 PM February 26, 2015 drunkenufftogetcrunk726 via Mobile:

on me fam yu set dis **** off on dis right here , favorite track is that on my block on me dat **** be jumpin fr fr
11:09 PM February 22, 2015 damero via Mobile:

But it's still funny to hear him rapping I remember him getting his hair braided in ghetto stories and "the girl was like with who lil trill " lol 2 funny
11:07 PM February 22, 2015 damero via Mobile:

@memrkrazy1 TF U talkin bout that was some Russian mob **** here in the Atl get your facts str8
10:38 PM February 14, 2015 KREWZ via Mobile:

1:11 AM February 4, 2015 Mamamngmt said:

Memrkrazy1 know facts before you make such an ignorant comment like that! They were brothers!
6:56 PM January 31, 2015 Yanlap said:

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