Lil Mister - No Lackin 2

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2:49 PM May 20, 2015 fukkyahonor via Mobile:

He wack asf, tf kinda name is "lil mister" anyways.
9:24 AM May 19, 2015 cloutboy614 said:

dis **** go hard
5:52 AM March 19, 2015 brozenov via Mobile:

why is the first no lackin mixtape not on here man that **** gettin me mad
8:53 PM March 18, 2015 Matown said:

mfs stay talkin that No lackin **** but one day u got a torch on u, the next day u dont & that jus might be the day you end up gettin smoked i.e Jo jo, Lil jeff, LA, Don D, Nuski, Lil marc ItsChiraq
12:19 AM February 1, 2015 jmot said:

dark chocolate why u say that in every mixtape comment hah
7:49 AM January 26, 2015 kylewalter said:

12:22 AM January 17, 2015 KushCloud420 said:

I never listen to the popular ****, this album may only have 52 votes but at least i know I'm not listening to what 14 year old white girls listen to
2:16 PM January 7, 2015 Dez_YM said:

Too many DJ's goddamn hate ****ing DJ's destroys whole tape. Please drop a NO DJ version