TUT - Preachers Son

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Preacher's Son is an album that depicts a young man growing up in both the church, and the streets; raised on confronting the traumas of bad choices, experiencing the redemptive power of hope and the overwhelming joys of love and charity.

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7:34 PM January 24, 2017 Underscorepetty via iOS App:

I play the whole mixtape. Every time. Don't skip not one song.
7:43 PM April 18, 2016 CLARKDAWG via iOS App:

7:39 PM February 22, 2016 theysay_avondre via iOS App:

Yup 702 Rockin with this
2:14 PM January 7, 2016 andrewmichael via Mobile:

Hadn't really checked for TUT until I heard him on a song with Big KRIT called "Riding Dirty."... just DL this tape, so far like what I've heard.
4:56 PM May 23, 2015 Jones_9 via Mobile:

Good stuff, man. This is hard!
12:38 AM March 31, 2015 noahw01 said:

Still bumping this everyday. All the way through
4:52 PM March 24, 2015 UncertainSoul said:

I downloaded this **** on a whim the day it came out and I still listen to this nearly back to front on a daily basis.
9:54 AM March 10, 2015 daville1 said:

Shout out to chat-town from Nashville. Hard ish here