Jimmy Mulaaaa - Royalty In The Flesh

DJs: DJ Shon
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3:16 PM January 10, 2015 shaun608 said:

if I wana get a feature how much that's go run becuz his **** sound dope and I live in Wisconsin ill bring u out for a show too
3:12 PM January 10, 2015 joy773 said:

I want lie I use to live in Madison and he was going hard with some wack *** rappers this guy cool and his own family don't support him not one of them atleast that I seen so I hope he get famous
3:04 PM January 10, 2015 mulaaaagang said:

not one song on here weak
2:57 PM January 10, 2015 absoul9 said:

the swag is real
10:21 PM January 9, 2015 jmack773 said:

I wana see homie win asap
10:17 PM January 9, 2015 shane212 said:

hey lets do a track my nigga yo **** right
10:11 PM January 9, 2015 jlo608 said:

if yall like the bull**** that's on radio this sound way better than that
10:06 PM January 9, 2015 flipper773 said:

this ****ing video raw *** hell racks my ****