Lil Wayne & T-Pain - The T-Wayne Show

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6:41 PM September 28, 2011 friisky said:

**** they singing in tha last track **** is wrong wit this lollipop lol it sound funny like Rick Ross stomach
1:57 AM April 25, 2011 alyyy said:

1:01 AM December 30, 2009 37projectscp said:

4:15 PM August 29, 2009 yOuNgMoNeYcAsHmOnEy3773 said:

lol i wished wayne just dissed the **** outta birdman, that wood be tight, i think that man is ****in gay, i dont think wayne had nothin to do with that ****en kiss, i think birdman forcing hahaha
12:27 PM July 14, 2009 rickpat said:

lil wayne is tha ****
9:51 AM March 3, 2009 tez_mason said:

{Let go 2 da t-wayne show *****es if u a lil wayne fan lets get it ya di9!!!!!!!!!!!!!**** all u haterz and if u aint kno lil wayne fan u stupid azz h3ll y@ di9 im out!!!}
8:13 PM January 28, 2009 skelz said:

num. 8 kills all
11:38 PM January 25, 2009 youngT said:

# 11 i can take yo gurl iz hot azz ****