Jamal Roncarlo - Turnt Blues

DJs: DJ Smallz

'Turnt Blues' is a product of blending hype/turn up music and R&B. There are a variety of cuts on the project that will please a wide range of listeners as a whole, while having individual songs aimed and themed for a cult following. The sound ranges from slow rhythm and love, to melodic street and club. Each song is its own and nothing is recycled, but while the songs are different, they seam together into a listening experience and not just a mixtape.

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11:23 AM January 23, 2015 DaJerae88 said:

So talented and so versatile!!! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this!!! You are giving people great quality music from different angles. Great job I love it!!!!!! On repeat constantly!!!
11:50 AM January 22, 2015 Geauxhb said:

Loving this Mixtape. Great to see a new artists with passion for the music! Keep putting in work man!
7:42 AM January 22, 2015 klavo via Mobile:

Wtf kind of **** is this dwam not a good mix tape smfh 👎
11:49 PM January 20, 2015 miithraaa said:

Love it... still on repeat. Versatile which makes it that much better! Good music right here... I can appreciate that.
5:57 PM January 20, 2015 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

5:06 PM January 20, 2015 ChrisJay85 said:

I can dig it. this will get a couple spins
12:32 PM January 20, 2015 supermanspeed103 said:

Idunno who this nigga is but this **** jam tho