Maino Is The Future

DJs: Big Mike

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4:31 PM March 28, 2012 isaac14 via Mobile:

I **** with him because he real
9:43 PM November 8, 2011 TKCornwell28602 said:

@grckon78 If you had heard his street reputation then you would know he is not a ****ing rapper.
2:57 AM August 17, 2009 mobhotboy said:

"musymus" are you ****ing serious!? (1.Tupac 2.Biggie 3.Eminem 4.Lil Wayen 5.Kayne West)
4:20 PM May 18, 2009 zes said:

I fux wit Maino
5:56 PM May 13, 2009 musymus said:

50 cent is a pile of **** compared to maino even though 50 raw watch mainos gonna be the next big rapper oh and lil wayne is below both of them my top i 1.2pac 2.BIG 3.maino 4.eminem
5:14 PM February 7, 2009 brile said:

Maino always been hard**
6:51 AM January 27, 2009 heroiiin said:

this nigga go hard
10:29 PM December 8, 2008 grckon78 said:

i hate yall **** ridin *** niggas on here, just cus niggaz hatin dont mean you gotta gon ahead n fuhkn stick up for the nigga n ****, its just a fuhkn rapper man...