Allie Baby - Wifey

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11:52 AM February 22, 2015 Thewisecat22 said:

Why is this not on the main page? I love this chick! Mama been spittin harder than these niggaz out here!!!! Girl got BARS!!!!!!!
7:38 AM February 21, 2015 AjusCHILLN said:

the beats suck....ALLIE GOT LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!
12:52 PM February 17, 2015 DJHypemanCrunk via Mobile:

I ****ing with this mixtape Allie Baby go stupid hard
6:01 PM February 16, 2015 TREIK24 said:

Allie always been dope. Keep doin' it, baby! Drum Squad all day every day, real **** #Memphis #TN
3:00 PM February 16, 2015 11roop2423 said:

this my first time hearing her and she nice I'll give this a +1 keep up the good work
8:42 PM February 15, 2015 skyy158 said:

i love allie baby music. she is dope . BUT .. drumma boy beats are starting to get WACK AS **** !!!!
10:50 AM February 15, 2015 gerardboss said:

royal flash well mixed... she go hard I like you allie baby... wifey home huh
9:37 AM February 15, 2015 devernair said:

Daammm, where she been?? Can't wait to hear this.. her last mixtape was snapping Bruh