Katuchat - Lonely Cloud EP

Katuchat is at it again with his new EP 'Lonely Cloud'. If you have enjoyed our bio of Katuchat, you will love listening to this EP. It is, without a doubt, a big step forward into the stylistic evolution of our young artist. He has kept his unique Japanese inspiration, mixed it up, twisted it up and it came across even better than anything we've previously heard from him. The serenity that comes out of his productions is a sweet pleasure that you don't ever want to stop. You will also recognize Katuchat's trademark beats and rain-filled percussions, but this time it's in a collab with our homeboy Andrea. These guys make you hang in there and wish for more. There is an old-school / new school touch to it. You get a sense of waves crashing on a beach. And as you know 'water can flow or it can crash'. It is very refreshing to say the least. The collab with Rusty Hook takes another timeless dimension. The of serenity from Pink Lemonade is here only to be broken with Fresing's mix that puts a darker, more underground, shade on his work. The tribal percussions will make your body bounce to every beat. This is an EP we are very proud to present as part of the Moose Family roaster. Show some love for Katuchat guys

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