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8:57 PM February 26, 2015 jamiesnuts said:

one of the best mixtapes I heard in awhile.
3:31 PM February 7, 2015 Tapatio208 said:

This is like some old school gangsta sh!t.... Str8 live round right here. im bout to go murkin!
3:52 PM February 3, 2015 TrueyLewis said:

This **** right here Jam!! #bandplay is out here blowing up!
12:44 PM February 1, 2015 killaboi80 via Mobile:

Whyteboi! I got u famo! U know u doin ur usual.#lol*****powpowpow
6:27 PM January 30, 2015 daville1 said:

They gave this the perfect name because this sound like a soundtrack to a street movie. Real Nashville ****
1:39 PM January 26, 2015 Muzikfene said: