Karmasynk - Psymatiks (The Replotting)

Karmasynk's Psymatiks: The Replotting is a remixed version of his original debut release, Psymatiks. This free release is an extension featuring remixed versions from three mysteriously innovative and ambitious bass producers: MoloKaii, Heavenly Father, and 5AM. This trilogy of sound explorations are filled with genre-bending originality and ground-breaking intentions which blend effectively with Karmasynk's original creations as they reveal a new phase of sound morphology. Psychedelic emergence, bass ignitions, intricate beat patterns, and thought-provoking leads make this a strategic channeling inspired from emotive visions. Karmasynk (Ruturaj Wankhede) is a 21 year old producer from Pune, Maharashtra, India and is currently attending school in Los Angeles, CA. He will open up channels of gateways of prismatic sonic expansion made possible through deep bass, glitch, and psychedelic pulses. Massive downloads, visions, and ancient knowledge will widen your mind's eye as it'll cast multifaceted possibilities through enticing leads, ethereal synths, rhythmic textures, and geometrical sound design. Growing up in the Psytrance culture of Parvati parties, he delivers an influence of it with a twist through psyglitch and bass fusions.

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2:28 PM January 27, 2015 willdantz said:

holy ****