Joell Ortiz & Joe Budden - Urban Warfare

DJs: Dub Floyd
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1:26 PM June 26, 2011 aimhightbbrock said:

buddens is that dude, niggas sleeping on him
4:48 PM May 21, 2011 gaddisiah said:

joe that dude but these are some bull**** remixes
9:57 AM March 22, 2010 dipset91 said:

talk 2 em sounds like dear diary
6:47 PM February 25, 2010 Casper918 said:

didnt even need to listen to this. auto download.
10:43 AM February 19, 2010 dipset91 said:

10:42 AM February 19, 2010 dipset91 said:

joe buddens a storyteller rapper. the best kind of ****r there is.
5:41 PM February 10, 2010 TheAbstract said:

Track names are all ****ed, but hot ****. Yes!
11:26 AM December 19, 2009 JuJu04 said:

Yo, on the real joe budden is the most underrated artist of all time.Joe speaks the truth and and is lyrically a ****ing beast. There a a few artist that r on his level. **** the haters.

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