Chevy Woods - Gang Land 3

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8:42 AM July 18, 2018 EastsideLegendz via Android App:

Chevy always was a street rapper but if you ain't from Pittsburgh guess you wouldn't know that
5:44 PM December 21, 2015 dopekidmydst via iOS App:

Dayummmm only 55k even viewed this. Y'all sleepin on Chevy he got enough work to for sure find something you'll bang
7:45 AM April 16, 2015 210salvus via Mobile:

Chevy woods is a come up #waitonit
8:54 AM March 30, 2015 Eddiy said:

I wish 30 Deep was on here 30 Deep & In the Kitchen are my favorite songs beside Hop Out & Mf'er from Gang Land 1
4:55 PM February 22, 2015 RatedR3500 said:

this joint crank #TGOD
7:55 AM February 13, 2015 POUTLOW1 said:

mannnn chevy be going in hard, reppin the 412 til we die over here.
8:29 PM February 1, 2015 aglow said:

i feel like its a yay nay mixtape what ever the **** that means
5:09 PM January 30, 2015 elekovato via Mobile:

I like this why not

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