Tha Dogg Pound - Full Circle

DJs: DJ Drama
Gangsta Grillz
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9:26 AM February 2, 2013 GDRAGE said:

#15 #15......
4:18 PM April 15, 2010 TruNupe1911 said:

I like DPG but they could have came a little bit harder.
1:43 PM July 8, 2009 LIL_AR15 said:

12:26 PM February 19, 2009 1WeStSiIdE_kIId said:

WEST COAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WWS562

5:35 PM January 26, 2009 fr3shjp said:

# 2 DJ Drama fall off on dat ****
8:28 AM December 1, 2008 robski said:

Everybody hatin on tha West Coast, but one thang iz fa sho homie..ALL Y'ALL MARK AZZ NIGGAZ IZ WLKIN,TALKIN,& ACTIN LIKE WEST COAST NIGGAZ! We started this Gangsta **** dat EVERYBODY iz on homie. Come to S. Central hatin and you WILL come up short! Datz on tha hood! Punk azz internet *****es!
6:13 PM November 19, 2008 JBanga01 said:

lilteezy aint 12 he a 40 year old who fucl 12 years olds i mean cmon u aint from the hood ***** cuz real nuggaz dont diss other hoods cuz we all smoke drin **** hoes and bang. Great and classic taape also Gangsta Grillz u bastards
5:03 PM November 6, 2008 760149Vega said:

liltezzy said: 12:46 AM November 2, 2008
**** the westcoast gets no play over here khakki wearin *** niggaz we dnt bang we bang hammers **** that crip blood **** nigga i c u it is what is i said that

**** u u ****in 12 year old e banger go get a life ******