Snappy Jit - Str8 Snappin

We're pleased to introduce to you our first Jeffrees release of 2015, a five track EP by a literal alien fresh off crash landing in Miami, Snappy Jit! Drawing from influences such as Juke, Soca, Calypso and Miami Bass (to name a few), Snappy's sound can be characterized as some of the best call and response tracks this side of Jupiter. He's almost created a genre in and of itself, making it nearly impossible to compare Snappy's style to anything else out there right now. Kick things off with 'Hot Foot' as you tail Snappy Jit's lime-green haired manifestation through his cartoon world, hustling through his Hanna Barabara-esque time traveling scenery with your pal Jammin Joe. Changing pace, celebrate your feat with 'Bumpa' next, with its repeatative vocal like a one man band marching in his own dimension. All work and no play? Hear that concept re-imagined as you bounce around with track three 'We Go To Work' and then find yourself chasing the girl next door with the crooner 'She Like My Step'. Get ready to turn loose on the final track 'I.G. Stuntin' as your technicolor dream comes to an epic end.

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