Ash K - Relationships 103

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1:31 AM June 1, 2015 pinkskys said:

I love you Ash keep your head up and do your thing your music helps me through hard times. One love
12:38 PM March 30, 2015 SexyJRose said:

the only dope song is Tuesday and not sure who told her she was the female Drake but they lied
1:08 AM March 10, 2015 justerica08 said:

Yass!!! I love it
6:18 AM March 4, 2015 Lizrogers93 via Mobile:

How do I download??
3:59 PM March 3, 2015 Thelovely1 said:

I get the message you spitting out, I respect it, but idk if it is the music choice that is throwing me off or what...
1:39 PM March 3, 2015 Millisosilly said:

I love it Ash K people do not appreciate the real in you but if they listened to what you really had to say it would touch someone like it does me keep doing you babygirl!
1:25 PM March 3, 2015 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

vote this down
1:24 PM March 3, 2015 YourUndaCovaLuva said: