Solar Slim - Eve's Apple

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3:32 PM February 25, 2015 ZekeBoyz213 said:

Son is mad nice wit it!!!! He got that southern style but its different too.... That **** is CRACK 4real #Eve'sApple
11:29 PM February 24, 2015 WillieWill81G said:

Yo son duke is something SERIOUS!!!!! Pay close attention to kid cause he definitely bout to take off
10:43 PM February 19, 2015 BRKLYN1 said:

Who ever this is has something for real.. Quality music still exists
9:31 PM February 19, 2015 bkhotboy713 said:

Why is this solar slim not on the radio!!!!!! love it man!!!!!
12:26 PM February 15, 2015 RedProdigy said:

Get this mixtape...Get this mixtape.
4:44 PM February 14, 2015 1Tyme_Timmy said:

SSA let's get it I see u Slim do yo thang pimp bow down to the sensei ya digg its our year #SSA
2:11 PM February 14, 2015 Lando_G said:

SSA in the MFKING BuilDin
2:00 PM February 14, 2015 jbrownfleet said:

This tape is Red Prodigy approved!! Quality Music!!