Mobb Deep - Infamous Vultures

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7:46 AM March 15, 2016 KingDD86 via Mobile:

This is crack musik y'all wouldn't understand
11:25 PM February 17, 2015 CrunkJuice2 said:

damn some of yall stupid as hell,mobb deep been beefin
5:02 PM February 15, 2015 kingkwijibo said:

I am curious why Havoc is trying to eat off the Mobb Deep name when he doesn't even have Prodigy on any of the tracks he is on. They beefin?
5:00 PM February 15, 2015 kingkwijibo said:

Also, I rarely check comments because they're usually never about the tape. So maybe some of you bums can learn to stay focused on the topic. This isn't a Mobb Deep tape.
4:54 PM February 15, 2015 kingkwijibo said:

For instructional purposes only- this is for all you simpletons. STOP replying to these lame cats that post comments just for attention. It only enables them to continue with the nonsense.
4:04 PM February 14, 2015 malcolm08 said:

this sht sound like azz
1:26 PM February 14, 2015 harlem79 via Mobile:

Omg!!! Havoc........!!
8:07 PM February 13, 2015 ascho865 via Mobile:

Why u think he's called undacova y'all