Charles Hamilton - And Then They Played Dilla

DJs: DJ Skee
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7:54 PM July 24, 2013 gradyerick said:

Timeless Music
3:12 AM June 10, 2012 sn4pb4k said:

hes being his self and it works for his fans thats why dey his mutha ****in fans
5:42 PM April 8, 2011 kuggieb said:

dilla r.i.p
11:31 AM February 11, 2009 alex2345 said:

i would like to thank charles hamilton for not rappin about stupid **** and about real ****
10:39 PM January 1, 2009 benzhunter said:

my man chrarles IS marty mcfly dude has seen the future. anyone who says this is wack its going over your head and its not for you anyway, not for dummies ONE LOVE
4:35 PM November 26, 2008 ctinaluva said:

im feelin it
12:53 AM October 12, 2008 isaiah2008 said:

this aint different. this is wat hip hop from the 80's sound like now.
12:06 AM September 20, 2008 Thormxer18 said:

hes differnt but the man got flo