Q-Tip - Ill Vibe

DJs: DJ Dub
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5:19 PM January 26, 2012 Mikeyant11 via Mobile:

It's 2012. I listen to all hip hop. I admit I prefer this type of hip hop but there nothing wrong with the hip hop of today. People should just embrace it for what it is.
7:01 PM July 22, 2011 DjDoWork said:

oh yes real hip hop..
10:30 AM April 22, 2011 housedogg_23 said:

Yo I graduated in 1993, this **** just gave me goose bumps!!!! straight fire, classic, real hip hop..blackrayne said it best, get out the trap..LOL, I love that one! young dumb *** ni99az..smh
11:43 PM March 25, 2010 blackrayne said:

WEAK *** ****???? ...... its appearant some cats will never really know or uynderstand true hip hop...Lyricism...or the simple ART of Music. Get the fukk out the " TRAP"
2:44 AM September 23, 2009 beewise459 said:

you young niggas need to wake the **** up and listen to some REAL music, and not the same old lil wayne/gucci mane/young jeezy nonsense.
2:43 AM September 23, 2009 beewise459 said:

Ill *** mixtape from dj dub. This and abstract innovations go hard!! That "get down" remix with craig mack is something serious.
6:20 PM June 18, 2009 moneyman19852009 said:

this **** is blazing
9:07 AM October 23, 2008 robwhyte said:

gettin up that beat hot as hell who produced dat track