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4:46 PM March 27, 2015 harryg3 said:

Aye dre man You represented for Cleveland!! Cleveland need to hear this. one of my favorite projects to come out of Cleveland since MGK good work man
8:16 PM March 26, 2015 Queenemcee said:

This tape does not have one bad song! I love that blinded track great lyrics
6:14 AM March 26, 2015 blacktrump4life said:

RNS right here
12:16 PM March 24, 2015 Womanofbeauty said:

Great tape much love from atl will look up cant wait to hear more
11:55 AM March 23, 2015 Stingme21 said:

Twitter sent me here and I was glad I check it out good work
11:41 AM March 23, 2015 kid44 said:

Soft as **** got me feeling some type of way!!!!!!! that's real tho I salute much success
11:06 AM March 23, 2015 imalady22 said:

My story!!!!!!! dope tape
10:51 AM March 23, 2015 rapfinest said:

Dude nice with the lyrics digging it