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Roy Demeo - The Italia Dreams


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11:31 PM August 28, 2015 1lilC said:

this gors so hard! get at me Dj Lilc @lilctherealist
11:19 PM August 28, 2015 Rapsensatiokn said:

Great song - this is definitely my type of music. I wish you luck in your career!
10:55 PM August 28, 2015 hartwell67 said:

Nice smooth jams with good delivery. Underground is king and better than mainstream rap. Keep it comin all the way live brother. All I Need and Voodoo Lady are tops.
9:02 PM August 28, 2015 shannahand said:

These beats are awesome, the flows are tight as hell! Alot of the beats on the radio today are soooooo boring and the same old crap. These guys go above and beyond to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack, right on!!!
8:31 PM August 28, 2015 askthemadhatter said:

I love it! Amazing song! I want to listen to more.
7:58 PM August 28, 2015 dell999 said:

Hey I love this type of music. I found your song 'Top Off' easy to listen to and was great to chill with.
4:43 PM August 28, 2015 chelale said:

Nice video! Very talented! Loved the Blue Porche......
4:42 PM August 28, 2015 chelale said:

Crazy!!!! Good video and song though! Such talent!