Reese Tha Chosen 1 - I Have A Dream

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7:27 PM March 25, 2015 ladyk0508 said:

Enjoyed the CD. My favorites are #s 3,7,8,&10. Keep doing what u do. Much love
4:41 PM March 25, 2015 techwood488 said:

Bruh you did your thang on this one..hottest thing in the street.1-19,we told them it aint ''IT AINT NEVER LATE''.YOU NEXT UP BRUH.
7:16 PM March 24, 2015 jazziiboo__ said:

That mann426 is me..I used the wrong account !
I support you Reese ! But u already know that..
7:09 PM March 24, 2015 Mann426 said:

By the way this a girl !
7:08 PM March 24, 2015 Mann426 said:

U ****s with this guy 💪 and his music. Keep it up and keep the faith ! You got's your time boo !! #thachosen
3:23 PM March 24, 2015 charlesdrew said:

I met this dude at the mall getting his sweater made, by the way homie i need to cop me one of them hoodies you made.. I ****s with this **** bruh.
8:44 AM March 18, 2015 tjhughes83 via Mobile:

Bruh did his thang.salute to the whole camp
8:04 AM March 18, 2015 KirbyThaHottest via Mobile:

Every track riding from beginning to end. Nice piece of work. That song "Fall Back" going off!! #KOPMG #stamped