Tae Hood - Deeper Than Rap

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12:34 PM March 31, 2015 Realist_InIt said:

we ****ing wit it out here in Detroit #MidwestMusic
11:46 AM March 30, 2015 mr_bm6 said:

i just got hip to dude but the **** hot fasho nigga need a deal
6:29 PM March 29, 2015 lettaboa said:

gang gang gang
4:31 PM March 28, 2015 Lorrie said:

i see you tae keep puttin on for the hood #free102nd #dmg
9:01 PM March 27, 2015 g102 said:

We live n a world where they don't wanna see another man make it #Thatscalledahater 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯➕✌️
8:59 PM March 27, 2015 g102 said:

102nd city Hilgert to Elwell #quanvoice #TURNUP #TIREDOFNONRAPPINSTREETNIGGAS #clevelandupnext
7:08 PM March 27, 2015 luxury21 said:

the best i heard out of cleveland honestly you got your own style and in alot of your songs you rap about stuff other people can relate to i respect that keep doing yo thang and **** these haters
6:41 PM March 27, 2015 DopeBoy216 said:

yea whole tape slapin but its something about #3 that track go