I'm So NY, Part 2

DJs: DJ Hitz
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4:58 PM July 8, 2011 eazydarealist said:

10:46 PM December 7, 2008 ssteps said:

yall weak as north niggas need to be easy.....yall lame as **** BELIEVE me i know its enough of yall where i live and i stay going to the south for some good **** yall aint hitting on ****....some of the music is straight i dont hate on the skills but yall as tryn to get with **** NO!!!!
5:05 AM December 1, 2008 pussy32 said:

2 eastside yet yall created but u see they usin dat swagga and wad'nt nobody using dat **** till us souf niggaz told yall lame *** eastside niggaz wut swag wuz ***** and eastcoast hip hop really suks ****s 4real. come on have u heard dat pop champayne song by jim jones lol
8:34 PM October 19, 2008 yungtscav said:

**** da ***** downin da south crown us an u know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!
10:18 PM October 11, 2008 MackDaDon said:

diz mixtape is CKrazy but max b is weak azz hell **** the wave we SWAGG SPLAASHIN
8:05 PM October 9, 2008 nicksabitch said:

without you kinda blowss bra
6:47 PM October 9, 2008 KICKO said:

im a slave to the wave owwwwwwwwwww
12:47 PM October 7, 2008 Ea5t5ide031 said:

We Kreated Thi5 5hit U B^itch A55 Nigga **** The 5outh U Dancin A55 ******5 We Real Hip Hop U B^itch A55 Nigga Go Walk It Out N Kill Ur 5elf ******