Fred B. - Ruff Draft

Fred B was born to sing and make music. Based out of Fort Worth, Tx, Fred B has linked up with Krucial Effect Music to bring you his debut project RUFF DRAFT. Fred doesn't categorizes himself solely as an R&B artist. He has a versatile style that can transcend various genres. In fact, He produced and mix/mastered this entire project. He hopes you enjoy his sound.

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12:16 PM November 24, 2015 Vhegoldenstar via iOS App:

I'm in love with this album(and him) but only problem is that there is no download button to upload it to your own music on your phone like they said on the freaking website.
8:22 PM April 3, 2015 tb01448 said:

Only time will tell my g. Stay grounded and stay focused. We support you.
6:00 PM April 2, 2015 sextown09 said:

He sounds a little Young, I be interested to hear more from him in a few years after he get a little older, and his sound have matured.