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Cocaine Trafficking (F**k Hip Hop Edition)

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Uploaded 10/07/2008
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10:20 PM May 13, 2011 1135eastsidebottomsgang said:

12:19 PM June 9, 2009 jr_14 said:

ice cube n 2pac n shyt..real niggas dat spit..real shyt that happens..shyt anit da same..
12:18 PM June 9, 2009 jr_14 said:

the south made hip hop whack..all the souther songs r about dancing..and ringtone rap..hip hop has totally change weed need ppl like nas,common,lupe,biggie,styles p,mos def..etc kanye thats hip hop
12:16 PM June 9, 2009 jr_14 said:

i feel like the south should have thier own catagory of music it shouldnt be label as hip hop...the East and the west coast music should be considered as hip hop..the south change it.
8:56 PM March 26, 2009 FATJAZZY111 said:

maaaaxxxxx **** b nigga
2:14 PM December 26, 2008 legendsdontdie said:

max b
8:58 PM November 12, 2008 esoborn said:

f##ck any SUCKA'S h8t'n on the bay East Side Oakland boy here what :(
10:27 AM October 31, 2008 mlklgl said:

**** tha bay ho *** nigga cashville tennessee in this ***** south