Presidential Paper, Vol. 1

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9:53 PM July 19, 2014 Juanton said:

these ****in ads are a buzz kill
10:29 PM January 10, 2013 agentnyc said:

4:54 PM May 2, 2009 Jayhood15 said:

WTF I though we was talkin bout the mixtape not dumb comments made by a bum
4:01 PM April 3, 2009 makaveli22122 said:

that 40 cal song is nice
10:18 AM March 5, 2009 whatsreallygood said:

LOVE GOD!... I thought racism Died........Us Blacks is Not racist We jus DoNt Like PoliCe!!!!!!! So if u is **** You.....If u not U Good...Albeza Gonna Get yall Robbed
10:15 AM March 5, 2009 whatsreallygood said:

Ay albeze Dont Get Ya Head Blowned Off Close Range...I just so happen 2 be 1 of them dudes dat got ya back even if i dont know u (If its right)Oboma..... Its Funny Cuz Half of my Enturage is White!!!!
5:03 PM January 23, 2009 JBONE420 said:

**** that racist ****
we all human beings
obama is where its at
and im a white *** mother****er
12:36 AM January 22, 2009 orangehightornadoes said:

A Albeze u a ****in CrAcKer/ ReDNeCk No OfFenSe Do u or anybody else Justin... For years you put us down and now us AFRICAN AMERICANS R AT THA TOP AND U RACIST MOTHA****AZ R AT THE BOTTOM..