Reggae Blast (Hosted By Camar)

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2:59 PM December 24, 2010 x3 said:

11:48 AM October 15, 2008 lesstalk_moreaction said:

any nigga that like r/b is homo they singin to da ladies what u listen to this fo niggaz is homo nowa days i swear
1:32 AM October 14, 2008 Quik_Tingz said:

collllie budddz
9:29 PM October 13, 2008 jamarai said:

good mix....but Camar sounds like a retarted kevin lyttle. he's like the ace hood of reggae except without the success of cashflow. but in short he do suck. sean paul killin it tho

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8:41 PM October 13, 2008 bob445 said:

That camar dude suck, tht sum bull****.
3:30 PM October 13, 2008 RICOD said:

Juice man!!
9:36 AM October 13, 2008 Thekidaproblempa said:

Where that Vybz Kartel
12:06 AM October 13, 2008 fr3shjp said:

do u see dat reggae was part of evolution of hip hop but **** dat **** son dis **** is garbage 4 real
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