Crank Da Party

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6:34 AM March 10, 2014 liljb5 said:

I gotta dollar hey hey hey #classic
4:41 PM December 20, 2010 chrome29 said:

the album photo is ugly as!
1:21 PM August 26, 2010 bangbaba187 said:

only the last song is good **** this mixtape
11:40 PM April 2, 2010 key_blackwell said:

solja boy is just so terrible
1:49 AM August 5, 2009 superskunk said:

how in gods almighty heaven did soulja boy get famous just by dancing and rapping such a wack *** song and people liked it i just dont get it
3:59 PM July 1, 2009 moontz said:

i love how these dj's throw in a TI song and weezy song to try recover the mixtape lol
10:45 PM June 5, 2009 Jkentavious said:

This **** is so lame i felt to sleep to this ****
4:06 PM December 13, 2008 Otholloway said:

bruh dis straight dancin' music for everybody! but ppl who hate da south wouldn't understand anyway