Lil B Tha Banrunna - Golden Child

DJs: DJ Deadly
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6:39 PM August 7, 2015 Tdoughsay via Mobile:

Soulcity **** I ****s wit it the long way
3:44 PM May 13, 2015 lil_b_tha_bad_guy said:

Tru but im osg lil b tha banrunna and it's not musik it's motovation u should kum ta Selma Alabama to get a full understanding thanx for tha feed bak tho
8:12 PM May 11, 2015 retlawqwerty said:

Too bad "lil B" is already a big name in rap.
plus you're talking about the same **** manneee
5:44 PM May 11, 2015 lil_b_tha_bad_guy said:

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