Balance - Unsigned Legend

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4:06 AM July 30, 2009 Strictly_Down_2_Bizness said:

WEST UP! yup, cop this one! good features too
5:07 PM December 26, 2008 gangstaurk5 said:

he alrite
4:56 AM November 10, 2008 marshknotts said:

seriously though why is it always a color thing? are we all not people? everybody who actually gets angry infront of their computer arguing about who's an uncle tom and ****, those people are the *******s, insecure and ignorant *******s
4:25 PM November 2, 2008 hazehand said:

dis mexican guy called me a porch monk
1:07 AM October 22, 2008 Firstpick1 said:

just keep buying the music and keep giving us billions of dollars in scholarships for college.(Thank U White PPL) LOL..........
1:07 AM October 22, 2008 Firstpick1 said:

WOW I really cannot believe that ppl are still buying into this bull****. The funniest **** about the whole thing is that this all started by somebody saying how dumb or whatever black ppl are on a comment board of a black guys mixtape well I guess its cool if yall hate black ppl and think we are all stupid LOL(IAM BLACK AND CURRENTLY A COLLEGE HONOR STUDENT),
9:36 PM October 21, 2008 EmeraldCity said:

Correction sit
9:36 PM October 21, 2008 EmeraldCity said:

You shut the **** up you uncle tom *** *****. Im not about to **** there while so mark *** trick down talks black people. Riding the white mans ****. ****ing cupcake