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B.G. & Soulja Slim - Thug Brothers

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Uploaded 11/11/2008
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DJ 5150 Is back off of hiatus, after reciving multiple SEA nominations including Mixtape DJ of the year!!!(Whats good infamous!)

Back to serve up the streets here is

B.G. & Soulja Slim - Thug Brothers

Featuring Classic, New, Old, Unreleased cuts from the Duo Due to Souljas Unfortunate passing they never got to release an actual project together at the same time. So to show my dedication to the N.O. Veteren, I present to you Thug Brothers. A must have for any Soulja Slim/B.G./No Limit/Cash Money era fan. All tracks feature B.G. and Soulja Slim together.

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10:49 AM March 26, 2016 rocktown1416 via Android App:

R.I.P. Soulja Slim Free B.Gizzle
2:35 PM May 14, 2013 SkTay said:

Thug In Peace Slim... Free B.G.
12:40 AM April 22, 2013 lolonshun1 via Mobile:

R.I.P Soulja aka Magnolia Slim the realest nigga eva free lil doogie
10:40 AM April 21, 2013 lillilop via Mobile:

R.i.p soulja slim 11yrs and still tha realist Tha N.O seen
12:17 PM December 20, 2012 Bkthug98 said:

Love the mixtpe
11:09 PM December 15, 2012 getitgetit said:

R.i.p soulja slim free b.g free boosie r.i.p phat
11:26 AM August 10, 2012 billdirty via Mobile:

Tp to bttm rip slim, bg hold on
12:01 AM August 8, 2012 glass198711 via Mobile:

Real trap ****