40 Cal - Dip Masters Collection

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1:54 PM September 1, 2012 Hustlesome804 via Mobile:

Track2 is THAT**** I B ON!
12:11 PM October 10, 2009 datnigga215 said:

yea 40 ight
7:22 AM September 7, 2009 stackmoney24 said:

thank god 40 is keepin it street man
8:26 AM July 10, 2009 DangerousTactics said:

1:48 PM February 27, 2009 drgotenks said:

TrippDaKid u the crazy for even defending julia santana.....u just a santana groupie....i thought lil gay wayne was the only one wit groupies on this iste
8:11 AM February 2, 2009 TrippDaKid said:

drgotenks are u crazy. Juelz is one of the hardest rappers period. Check his **** out cause obviously, u dont
5:08 PM January 20, 2009 drgotenks said:

Its time for him to shine.....dipset wasted mad time on jenny jones and his girlfriend jeulz when they should spend time trying to help the good rapper like hell rell, jr wirter and now a-mafia
4:51 PM December 4, 2008 way2fly101 said:

im not suprise....mc's allways gonna give u his best
40 cal, skeem team
thats what is