Year Of The Aftermath (3 Kings Special Edition)

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6:49 PM March 12, 2017 Alicatdabz via Mobile:

I'm gonna scream if this wont let me download it
9:20 PM March 18, 2013 MelMiller_LGT via Mobile:

Oh god! Eminem on track 6.. Nothin else like it. What happened to rap man..
12:05 AM March 23, 2011 joesowavy said:

...Nas didn't tell colombia records 50 was nice so when he sign with shady/aftermath he diss nas.
12:05 AM March 23, 2011 joesowavy said:

@ aokcpt: Know ur facts before writing things u don't know about:50 was part of colombia records when he was underground so he use to hang around Nas.
12:21 PM December 5, 2010 smokershane said:

gotta love that good ol **** eminem an dr.dre from bak in the day.
8:34 AM March 8, 2009 jswails said:

all of this is old to me except dat song the glow. i never heard dat one
4:07 AM March 4, 2009 Boons_2k said:

50 Cent
1:18 AM December 3, 2008 scottybuddz said:

my bad i ment 50 shouldnt b in the same sentence as dre and slimshady