Diplomats Forever

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4:44 PM April 27, 2010 Polo48 said:

Juelz De hardest nigga n dipset n he de hardest nigga n de game SKULL GANG YA DIGG!!!!!!
11:01 PM April 8, 2010 30cherrieapples said:

that man on the moon is my **** and that girl go hard i hope my **** get it in like those songs i like alot of yo **** do u my nicca...
9:45 AM April 28, 2009 Jae_hill said:

jim jones go hard on that day and night. get it!
2:52 PM November 4, 2008 portballa21 said:

Dat otha nigga iz killa n he still da reason dez niggaz iz on n eatin.....ya dig n dey kno dat.....datz y they cant come @ cam cuz he's still the boss
1:46 AM November 4, 2008 brighteyes said:

I luv all these guys wish they never broke up but nothin last 4eva N cam can get it n hit the bottom of my pu$$y AQUARIUS stand both cam N juelz.....!
3:18 AM October 28, 2008 Glogo13 said:

killa so Wavey OOOwwwwooo
9:19 PM October 25, 2008 BHB_GOONIE said:

3:27 PM October 25, 2008 cittyboy85 said:

Leanin Leanin Leanin Leanin Leanin.............................Low!!!!!!!!!!!