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2:46 PM June 21, 2015 BeezyArchibald said:

I vouch for this **** and I ride for mine!! Oh and they call me BEEZY btw!!! #yeahreally #helpwhat #fukyocity #istayinplainsight #thanksfortheviewsneway #salutethesquad #salutetheplug #noflexxinwejustworkin #DNGit #StayOnYaBeezy
4:37 PM June 16, 2015 Rabb_ said:

Rabb - Wrong Places...Please Take A Listen
9:16 PM June 15, 2015 Frontstrxxtjay said:

Haha the person under me must be one of the rappers with a fake page cause everybody know this **** trash if it was great it would be top 5 if it was good it would be too 10 period
8:53 PM June 15, 2015 hisrida01 said:

So it's some hatas lurkin lmao yall bull****tin this mixtape go #HARD WHERE YO MIXTAPE @????
8:51 PM June 15, 2015 carolinafetti2 said:

They need to delete this **** they embarrassing the city!! I see why it's not top 5
4:36 PM June 15, 2015 Moneytawk54 said:

For one the absolute dude sound like rich the kid two the mixtape whack as fuk they need to do Collabs with the rich espy dude or the Kodeine nigga that might help them
4:25 PM June 15, 2015 Notalking786 said:

1:15 PM June 15, 2015 Fujghhhx4 said:

Why dude stealing rich the kid flow???