Back 2 The Future 2.0

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2:21 PM June 3, 2015 mwrice93 said:

I really like the beat, was kind of surprised how put together everything was. Props! RIP Chinx drugz
3:44 PM June 2, 2015 happysnappy said:

The beat is really great in this song!
7:02 PM June 1, 2015 mattthecat24 said:

This is sick, the beat is fresh as **** too.
2:24 PM June 1, 2015 spuk246 said:

I love these songs why Haven't I listened to this before.
2:06 PM June 1, 2015 nsweitzer1541 said:

Living for those instrumentals! Awesome voice, too
1:55 AM June 1, 2015 chinx31 said:

just downloaded this i am blasting this in my car real laid back , i need some cali loud for this
1:53 AM June 1, 2015 chinx31 said:

that's some hot nigga , yea man dope my nigga , keep it up don't worry about no haters , stay away from the hood if you make it real real big that's my only advice R.I.P my nigga chinx drugz
5:10 AM May 31, 2015 jj1944 said:

I'm loving this mixtape. I've been playing playing these song all afternoon